Recipes from Parisian Chocolatier Christian Vautier

Last weekend at the New Delhi Palate Fest, acclaimed Parisian Chocolatier Christian Vautier conducted the Choko la Chocolate Making Session. For all who could not make it, here are the recipes… You’re welcome!

Chocolatier Christian Vautier at the Choko La’ Chocolate Making Session

Chocolatier Christian Vautier at the Choko la Chocolate Making Session

Recipe 1: Milk Mendiant


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Milk Chocolate: 500 gms

Cashew: 1 per piece

Almond: 1 per piece

Prunes: 1 small diced segment per piece

Apricot: 1 small diced segment per piece

Raisin: 1 per piece

Milk Mendiant by Parisian Chocolatier, Christian Vautier

Milk Mendiant


1. Melt the milk chocolate in a microwave oven or a double boiler

2. Cool it down to 26 degrees and warm upto 28 degrees to temper the chocolate and ensure a good crystallisation

3. Put the chocolate into moulds and scrape off excess chocolate

4. Tap the mould onto a surface to avoid air bubbles

5. Set Cashew, almond, prunes , apricots and sultanas while the chocolate is still in semi liquid state

6. De-mould and serve

Recipe 2: Salted Caramel Tarts

Makes 40 tarts

Salted caramel tarts by Parisian Chocolatier, Christian Vautier

Salted caramel tarts

Ingredients for the Tart:

Flour: 375 gms flour

Sugar: 125 gms

Eggs: 1

Butter: 250 gms

Cocoa powder: 120 gms


1. Sift the cocoa powder and flour together

2. Cream the butter and sugar

3. Add the eggs

4. Fold in the sifted flour and cocoa powder

Ingredients for the Salted Caramel:

Sugar: 40gms

Cream: 44 gms

Butter: 5 gms

Sea salt: a pinch

Vanilla pod: 1 stick


1. Warm the cream to infuse vanilla

2. In a pot caramelise the sugar

3. When the sugar turns amber, add the infused cream

4. Boil this mixture again and add butter and a pinch of sea salt

5. Cool the mixture

Ingredients for Dark Chocolate Ganache

Dark Chocolate: 300 gms

Butter: 30 gms

Water: 80 gms

Cream: 80 gms


1. Boil the cream and water together

2. Pour it on the chopped chocolate in parts

3. Add softened butter

4. Mix well


1. Pipe a drop of salted caramel onto the shell

2. Fill the tart with chocolate ganache

Recipe 3: 70% Hot Chocolate

70% Hot Chocolate by Parisian Chocolatier, Christian Vautier

70% Hot Chocolate

To make 6 cups


1. Choko la 70% Bars: 3 nos.

2. Milk: 700 gms

3. Cream: 300 gms


1. Break the Choko la 70% bar into pieces and put into a bowl

2. Pour in 3 parts the warm milk onto the chocolate, stirring as you go

3. Stir to fully combine all ingredients

4. Warm the combined mixture and serve