Cabal: A by-invite only club

Only a select few are getting access to this private club that showcases exclusive apparel and jewellery collections from across India.

Hand-embroidered georgette saree inspired by Kashmiri Jamawar, available for members of Cabal.

Hand-embroidered georgette saree inspired by Kashmiri Jamawar, available for members of Cabal.

Jaypore is an online shopping portal, which curates traditional handicraft products by Indian weavers, groups and designers. The company was funded in late 2011 and within a year the startup was in the green, making steady profits. Their range of products include cotton fabric sourced from Phulia, kantha from Murshidabad, kalamkari from Machlipatnam and silks from Bhagalpur. Now, the company is segregating its products, by offering their most exclusive and exceptional products to members of Cabal, a club with only individually invited members.

Nobody can become a part of Cabal till they receive a special invite from Jaypore to join the club. The invites  are sent out only to the crème de la crème of the society. Once members, they get access to the most exclusive collections from Jaypore. Jewellery and apparel that exhibit the very best of Indian craftsmanship are made available for purchase to this discerning clientèle.

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Among the items offered to Cabal members are exquisite shawls with Kani and Tilla embroidery from Kashmir, Jamawar sarees adorned with uniquely interpreted Kashmiri embroidery, intricately hand-embroidered Parsi Gara sarees from Ashdeen and elegant silver jewellery from Amrapali and Apala. Cabal brings new collections for its members every two months and the products begin from INR 50,000.

Exquisite Tilla work on woolen shawls, available to Cabal members

Exquisite Tilla work on woolen shawls, available to Cabal members

Shilpa Sharma, Co-founder & Head of Products at Jaypore, said, “Our customers are always looking for unique products and they get it on Jaypore. But periodically, we bring a collection that is exquisite in its appeal and meant for a more discerning audience that appreciates the nuances of such an array and wants to experience the indescribable joy of owning a precious heirloom piece, and that is Jaypore’s Cabal”.

The items on Cabal can only be viewed by members. To view their collections offered to the general public, please click here.